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Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices

Lightweight design is made for versatile, on-the-go use.

Spacious Keys
Laptop-style typing with full-size keys.

No Extra Adapters Needed
Connects wirelessly to your device.

Sturdy Metal Base
Solid and stable typing experience.

Dramatically increase your capabilities with the speed, ease, and functionality of laptop-style typing with full-size keys.
Dramatically increase your capabilitieswith the speed, ease, and functionality of laptop-style typing.Connect instantlyto all the increased functionalities of your new keyboard the moment you plug sync.Full-size keyslet you type with the ease and precision of a laptop.A sturdy metal plateinside the keyboard provides a stable typing surface.Bluetooth connectivityallows the keyboard to connect with almost any device, ideal for multiple device environments.Bluetooth connectivitygives you the flexibility to accommodate different work environments.

Zagg Wireless Keyboard

Tax Included
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