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The 3-in-1 charger
You can charge up to three compatible devices at the same time - a smartwatch and two smartphones or a smartwatch, a smartphone and your Galaxy Buds. So when your day draws to a close, you can supply three of your smart devices with energy at the same time.

Many coils mean a lot of energy
With six coils in the Wireless Charger Trio, you can simply lay your devices down and watch them recharge their batteries. Simply place your devices on the pad and they will be supplied with energy.

Fits like a glove to your Galaxy Watch
With the dedicated space for the Galaxy Watch and a built-in magnet, your Smartwatch will be brought into position when you put it down. And on the left you can charge your smartphone and your Galaxy Buds or your smartphone and that of your friend.

The kickstart for your devices
With the quick charge function, you can charge your smart, compatible devices and those of your friends very quickly.

Elegant simple design
The Wireless Charger Trio is characterized by a minimalist design with simple symbols and the LED display. Available in white and black, you can choose the model that suits your style.

Time to shine
The LED display on the front shows you the charging status of your device intuitively with different colors: a red light for charging, a flashing red light for a charging error and a green light when your device is fully charged. And when you go to sleep, you can simply dim the LED display so as not to be disturbed.

Samsung Trio Wireless Charging Base - Black

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