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Galaxy Watch5 Pro is much more than a workout partner. It’s your performance coach and lead navigator.
Whether you’re trail biking or wild swimming, you’ll find your way home thanks to active GPS guidance. And with sapphire crystal glass and tough titanium casing, Galaxy Watch5 Pro is always ready for the next adventure.
Go further and harder than ever before, safely knowing you’re one-half of a winning team. Ready for anything.

When your gym’s the great outdoors, staying on track is paramount. Import pre-plotted routes to Galaxy Watch5 Pro to exercise smart, receiving turn-by-turn instructions there and back, even if your workout takes you off the beaten track.
With long-lasting battery life It’s only time for home when you say it is. And with sophisticated fall detection for hikers and cyclists, an automated text and call will go to a pre-elected emergency contact

Staying on top and maintaining peak performance isn’t restricted to waking hours. The most effective recuperation is down to a good night’s sleep.
Galaxy Watch5 Pro will track sleep quality, providing tips on how you can achieve better rest. And you can monitor your vitals, from heart rate and blood pressure to body composition (BIA), for a comprehensive picture of your overall health.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro’s robust titanium frame and tough inner bezel are two times stronger than aluminium, available in nature-inspired tones of Titanium Black or Titanium Grey.
On top of the customisable, circular face sits a durable disc of sapphire crystal glass. And with the hole-less strap and magnetic D-buckle, Galaxy Watch5 Pro is always the perfect fit, completely adjustable to suit different-sized wrists.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro is built for ultimate performance, but that doesn’t mean it falls short on handy everyday features. You can leave your Galaxy smartphone at home with 4G connectivity for calls, texts and social media updates on the move1
. NFC brings Samsung Pay, so you can grab a postworkout snack completely hands free on your way home
. And with the SmartThings app, the porch lights will be illuminated for your arrival


Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Bluetooth 46mm

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