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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is the whole package. It’s your wellness guru and your health coach – always tracking and monitoring to help you to improve the next workout. Uncover the secrets of your sleep cycle, with analysis designed to help you to optimise every snooze.
Express yourself with colourful interchangeable straps, keep on top of nutrition plans and individual workouts, and smash your fitness goals. Make every day a wellbeing day, built around the lifestyle that suits you.

Galaxy Watch5 is designed to work hard even when you’re off the clock. With its precision sleeptracking tools, it’s able to detect when you’re snoring, your blood oxygen levels throughout the night, and how much REM sleep you’re achieving. This vital dream stage affords the brain an opportunity to rest and recuperate.
With all of this data, Galaxy Watch5 can help coach you on how to achieve a more restful sleep every night. It’ll even detect smartphone usage over time to create a bedtime that works best for you.

Living better, day and night, is easy with Galaxy Watch5. Samsung Health can monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, both good indicators of your overall wellbeing. It can even measure body composition (BIA), reading and understanding body fat and muscle density, offering a complete picture of your physical fitness.
With its understated design and iconic circular face, Galaxy Watch5 is more than a performance tracker, it’s a conversation starter.
Boasting a super-tough sapphire crystal glass, AMOLED display, an elegant slimline casing, and integrated sports band for a comfortable fit, it’ll turn heads pre- and post-workout.
It even has a long-lasting battery life and 16GB internal memory, so there’s plenty of space for all your favourite motivational songs.

Make Galaxy Watch5 uniquely yours with a range of straps to suit every mood and style, available in Graphite, Silver, Pink Gold and Sapphire.
Finish off the look with a wide range of pre-installed interactive faces and protected by super-tough sapphire crystal glass. And with a flat body and integrated sports band strap, a comfortable fit is guaranteed.

Galaxy Watch5 puts smart features on your wrist, making everyday tasks easier. Leave your Galaxy smartphone at home with 4G connectivity for calls, texts and social media updates. And NFC lets you shop with Samsung Pay, so you can always swing by the smoothie bar after a workout. And with the SmartThings app, you can pop the heating on before you get home

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Bluetooth 40mm

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