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Your refurbed™ product

Refurbed™ products are 100% sustainable and up to 40% cheaper. Your trusted refurbed™ smartphone comes with a minimum 12-month warranty and a 30-day free returns policy, with no questions asked. 

iPhone 12 - Description

The refurbed™ iPhone 12 has quickly established itself as a global flagship star - and rightly so - because it shines in every category. Thanks to refurbed™ you can now enjoy it like new, only better.

Thinner, lighter and so much faster

Replacing the iPhone 11 as best in class in the premium category, the refurbed™ iPhone 12 stands out even more with advances in every area. The durable aluminium and glass case comes in five refreshingly modern colours: black, red, green, blue and white. The expertly-crafted 6.1”” Super Retina XDR display provides razor-sharp media quality and is almost completely borderless for an even more immersive entertainment experience. But the completely redesigned iPhone 12 does so much more than entertain: it’s a life companion you can rely on in any situation. The innovative Ceramic Shield technology used in the iPhone 12 offers four times the drop resistance of the last generation iPhone. Ceramic Shield is a new material specially developed for the iPhone 12, with nano-ceramics in the glass to create a whole new level of durability. But durability doesn’t have to be heavy - the refurbed™ iPhone 12 is an incredible 11% thinner and 16% lighter than its predecessor, giving you ultimate comfort, right down to your fingertips.

Win every race: the A14 Bionic

The refurbed™ iPhone 12 is also a speed pioneer. Its A14 Bionic processor is even faster than its A13 predecessor thanks to an incredible 11 trillion calculations per second. The A14 chip provides the refurbed™ iPhone 12 with enough power to effortlessly handle any quantity and combination of tasks. Despite its revolutionary power, the A14 Bionic is also remarkably energy efficient. With up to 65 hours of battery life with audio playback, you can finally play through all your Spotify playlists without having to hunt for a plug. And speaking of plugs, there is good news if you like to go wireless: the refurbed™ iPhone 12 supports wireless charging. But it’s not just the processor that breaks speed records - the refurbed™ iPhone 12 supports 5G, the fastest mobile internet in the world - so you can download large files and stream high quality video with ease. 5G cuts annoying wait times to zero and gives you the smoothest experience - because patience is something to practice with people, not your phone.

Better than the pros: the first camera to record in Dolby Vision

In professional film studios, video is recorded first and then Dolby Vision is added afterwards. With the refurbed™ iPhone 12, you can now directly record video in Dolby Vision in 4K HDR - even at night. The upgraded night mode automatically activates in low light to bring out the best from even the worst lighting. The dual camera captures 27% more light than the previous generation iPhone camera and for the first time, Night Mode is available for selfies - so the refurbed™ Apple iPhone 12 camera puts you in the best light at any time of day. You can use either the 12 MP wide-angle lens or the 12 MP ultra-wide-angle lens, allowing you to capture even the most expansive view. The Smart HDR feature uses AI technology to detect and bring out your best side by highlighting just the right details and light sources.”

  • iPhone 12 Colour: Black, White, Blue, Green, Purple, Red
  • Memory: 64 GB
  • Camera: 12.0 MP

I Phone 12 GRADE A 64gb

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