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HP Gaming Headset RGB Stereo Headphone for Smartphone, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Ergonomic Design Over Ear Headphone with Mic

Stereo bass sound effect for experiencing gaming experiences
The HP gaming headset offers excellent 40 mm audio drivers in combination with advanced audio technology. It delivers high quality simulated surround sound to make the gaming experience even more intense. With the responsive audio drivers, you can better see the direction the sound is coming from, such as the fire, your opponent's steps, and scenario indicators.

Ergonomic design & premium material
Adjustable headband and soft protein ear cushions allow you to wear the HP gaming headphones for long periods of time and with ease.


HP Stereo Gaming Headset for Smartphone, PC, PS4, Xbox One, cable 2 m (DHE-8011UM)
40 mm audio drivers 
Advanced audio technology
High quality simulated surround sound 
Ergonomic design and premium material
High end noise cancellation for clear chating
Turn of the mic via a switch for me - time
Adjustable headband and soft protein ear cushions 
Great for long periods of time, wearing with ease
LED lighting and Volume control wheel
Glaring LED lights to light up the atmosphere 
Deep bass stereo sound field 
Volume control conveniently for hand control
Stereo Bass sound effect for Complete gaming experience

Supplier Code: DHE-8011UM

HP DHE-8011UM LED Gaming Headset with Mic - Black

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